Hurdle Jumpers® is dedicated to my parents, the original Hurdle Jumpers®. My mother died at age 49 after a 6 year valiant battle with breast cancer. My father was her caregiver in a time when the word cancer was whispered. If not for my mother’s situation, I would not have been as aware of the importance of breast self-exam; because of her young, untimely death, I was vigilant and knew what to do when I found a lump in my breast.

Hurdle Jumpers® is also dedicated to other cancer warriors:

In memory of…

  • My aunt, Ceil Schwartz
  • My cousins, Julie Kwait and Joan Sandusky
  • My brother-in-law, Andy Silverman
  • My friend, Susan Frank; her motto: Positive Attitude
  • Marjorie Leibman Shaw, sister of Abby Leibman; aunt to Laura Donney and Phil Donney
  • Sarah B Schlesinger, mother of Debby Schlesinger-Hellman
  • Beth Hersh Goldsmith

In honor of…

  • Jo Ann Colker Arison
  • Joan Guilianelli, sister of Diane Shapiro
  • Lacy Stormes, 2009 Miss LA County, Miss California International Pageant
  • Susan Mishler
  • Diane Shapiro