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About the Founder - Janet Halbert

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I founded Hurdle Jumpers® after completing a year of treatments for breast cancer.

Founder, Janet Halber - December 2005

Although they try, health care professionals cannot completely prepare a patient for all the possible side effects of treatment. I received many good tips, but I also discovered a lot on my own.

I'm a management consultant with JRH Consulting Group, a firm I founded in 1985. Professionally, as a Certified Public Accountant with more than twenty-years of experience in public accounting and private industry, I've solved lots of problems. I always say “my clients are happy to see me go.” And here's the only similarity between my cancer treatment experience and my business consulting projects: there's a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Janet post-chemo...with hair sprouts, June 2005I began my career at ArthurAndersen, and gained extensive financial management experience as controller of two middle market companies. I've consulted in both the profit and non-profit sectors. As a trained accountant, I did the math:

One Hurdle Jumpers® kit + the loving support of family, friends, health care professionals and donor companies = a patient with the strength, products and comfort items to soar over the obstacles of cancer treatment.

I relied on my considerable business problem solving skills in approaching the generous donor companies. Janet with Hurdle Jumpers<sup>®</sup> board member Amy Commans, April 2005 - unable to wear a wig due to recurring scalp infectionsI identified the items belonging in the first Hurdle Jumpers® kits by looking around my home. I used various products to manage the anticipated as well as unexpected side effects of treatment. It was so important to me the kits be provided free of charge to any cancer patient or caregiver. One by one I contacted nationally recognized companies. I think the responses from the pharmaceutical and health & beauty industries are extraordinary. They quickly and generously chipped in with sample size donations. My second bedroom was stacked with boxes, but when pallets of generous donations started to arrive, we moved into a climate-controlled storage facility. That's where our volunteers organize the donations so we can assemble our kits.

Founder, Janet Halber - December 2005

I am elated and reassured in knowing the Hurdle Jumpers® kits will make life easier for patients who have their heads and hands full, dealing with the difficulties involved in moving from feeling shocked, fearful, physically sick, and/or exhausted to relieved, comforted, and eventually well again. It's a club I never wanted to join. My mother died from breast cancer when I was eleven years old. I was stunned when I found a lump. I decided to make lemon meringue pie with the lemons of a cancer diagnosis.

- Janet Halbert, Founder & Cancer Survivor


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